What Are the Requirements for Using All-Seeing Eye?

In general, to properly use All-Seeing Eye your establishment must have all of the following:

  • At least one Apple iPad
  • Permanent broadband connection to the Internet with secure wireless access
  • A nearby power plug to keep the iPad(s) permanently powered
  • A free account with Dropbox

What is All-Seeing Eye?

It’s an iPad application.

Who is All-Seeing Eye For?

Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, coffee shops, book stores, strip clubs.

What Features Does All-Seeing Eye Offer?

Ability to blow-shit-up.



How Can I Physically Secure an iPad?

It is a good idea to physically secure your iPads to a counter or bar to prevent theft.

Many third-party companies make permanent mounts or lockable cases for iPads.  It is important that you choose a solution that does not block the rear-facing camera in the back, right corner of the iPads.

Consider having a look at Tablox secure iPad stands.

How Should I Setup the iPad?

Recommendations for the iPad’s system settings:

  • Turn Wi-Fi on and link to establishment’s wireless Internet connection
  • Turn Bluetooth off
  • Set to silent mode
  • Disable auto-lock (Auto-Lock: Never)
  • Increase brightness to maximum setting
  • Set passcode, turn passcode on, set to require passcode immediately
  • Enable Restrictions and restrict access to all built-in apps
  • Turn Notifications off
  • Remove all E-mail accounts, calendars, and contacts
  • In the Store settings, sign out of Apple ID

How Do I Scan a Barcode, Edit Customers, etc…?

Please read the User’s Guide.